Looking For Low Cost Reliable WiFi?


     At Simply WiFi we avoid saying cheap wifi. Our inexpensive indoor and outdoor wifi systems use enterprise grade wifi equipment by Open-Mesh. They have a long history of providing the very best in wireless internet products.  Open Mesh success stories (click here)


     Designed to be installed easilly, (any handyman can do it) we can keep our costs low. As a wifi provider we can do the hard work in designing the wifi system and programming it remotely.


Affordable WiFi You Can Depend On


     Our mesh systems are cloud-managed. Not only does that allow us to sell cheap wifi internet but affordable service as well.  Cloud managed means YOU can also monitor your wifi network from anywhere with an internet enabled device including PCs, Laptops, Tablets, and Phones.

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     Small houses, large homes and huge estates use our home wifi system. Not only is it always connected but so are you. Indoor & outdoor wifi combos avail.


     Each wifi system comes with 4 SSIDs. That means you can have one login for adults and one for kids. One for guests, etc. Large homes can have 4 logins.


     Ever have a problem with someone in the household "hogging" all the bandwidth? Our cloud controller can handle that. Perfect for a large house or estate.


     Kids staying online too long into the night? You can set the hours YOU want. One customer even rewards their kids for doing homework or chores with extra bandwidth! The possibilities are endless.

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   Nowadays, having a dependable business wifi for is as important as keeping the lights on. Your customers demand wireless internet.


     Keeping the lights on is simple - replace bulbs and pay the electric bill. We believe your commercial indoor or outdoor wifi should be no different.


      Our products are state of the art and are depended on by millions of users worldwide. From the very large business to the very small. Installation, management and monitoring is easy.

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     A reliable outdoor wifi system depends on connecting to the internet. With the distance and obstructions inherrent in an outdoor wifi network the wifi and the backhaul need to be handled separately. A wireless bridge works well for this. You can read more on this HERE.


      Campground and Park wifi present the

greatest challenge. Visit our RV Park WiFi page to learn more. HERE

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Every WiFi  System Includes


  • Wifi System Design

  • Wifi Equipment Programing

  • Training & 60 days monitoring

  • Lifetime support

     All of our affordable business wifi systems can be self-installed by our customers  and then programmed by us and increase wifi range to your whole business.


     We provide lifetime technical support and free monitoring for the first 60 days. Additionally, we train all our customers to be able to monitor and manage their own systems. On-site installation is available.


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